Monday, May 17, 2010

Hearts Awakening by Delia Parr

Hearts Awakening
A Novel
by Delia Parr

This is a wonderfully written story about two people that need to find true love.

Jackson Smith is a young widower in his late twenties. His wife died amidst a scandal and left him with their two small sons.
Elvira (Ellie) Kilmer, is a spinster and does not have a place to call home. Her parents have died and relatives have not made her feel very welcome in their home.
She is asked to be a nanny for Jackson's small sons, Daniel and Ethan, for a couple weeks. However, Jackson knows he needs someone more permanent to watch Daniel and Ethan. He proposes marriage to Ellie, not for love, just as a business transaction. They marry with a contract and move back to the island where Jackson lives with his sons.
The question is: will Jackson and Ellie soften their hearts toward each other and let go of the scandals and hardships in their past?

This book was very easy to read, but not so easy that it was boring. I actually enjoyed this book very much.
There were enough twists and turns to keep my attention and make the story interesting.
This is a very heartwarming story about two people that need to learn to let go of their pasts and to not listen what people may say about them.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An Honest Love by Kathleen Fuller

An Honest Love
by Kathleen Fuller

An Honest Love is set in Amish country, in Middlefield, Ohio.
There are four main characters: Anna, Lukas, Elisabeth and Aaron.

Anna is a young woman who moves to Middlefield with her her mother. After moving into her unlce's house and starting a shop, she meets a young man named Lukas. Lukas soon falls for Anna but because she was hurt in her past, she has a hard time opening up to him. Also, she is dealing with a medical problem that puts a distance between them.

Elisabeth is Lukas' sister and she works for her brother-in-law as a book keeper for his blacksmith shop. Aaron is a young man who works in the shop. He is a serious and private. Elisabeth works at getting him to open up to her and they form a friendship.

At first I found this book very hard to get into and follow along with. It was hard to follow the two stories. Towards the middle of the book however, things got interesting. The book became more suspenseful and I couldn't wait to see if the couples ended up together and what happened with them.
I was not satisfied with the ending but I have a feeling the author has another book on the way. This book was the second in this series. I had forgotten that I had the first book and I will go read that again to refresh my memory.
I think this a fun, easy read. I always enjoy reading Amish fiction; I find the Amish way of life fascinating.

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