Friday, October 15, 2010

The Vigilante's Bride by Yvonne Harris

The Vigilante's Bride
Yvonne Harris

This book is about two orphans: one a young woman, Emily, who is sent away from the orphanage she grew up in to become a bride of an older man she never met and one young man, Luke, who grew up an orphan after his family was killed during an Indian attack.
Emily and Luke both find themselves in situations they do not find ideal. Will they eventually get what they want in the end?

I enjoyed this book and found it very entertaining. There were enough twists and turns that I did not find it too predictable. The author described the main characters in such a way that I really cared about them.
The banter back and forth between Emily and Luke was funny. The suspense around Luke's safety kept me wanting to read more to see what would happen.
I would definitely recommend this book to a friend.

The book is from Bethany House Publishers. They sent me a complimentary copy and I am reviewing the book and posting my review here as well as on

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